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  • Why Boston Sports Academy College Mentoring Program? 

  • What does the Boston Sports Academy Mentoring program cover?

  • Know what college coaches are looking for in a student athletes

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  • Mission Statement

  • Typical traits of College Student-Athletes

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  • Why Boston Sports Academy College Mentoring Program?

    Colleges want winners on and off the courts and fields

    Making the right selection for your college years is one of the most important decisions of your life. The college application process is an emotional journey that becomes even more involved for aspiring student-athletes and the challenges of recruiting. It can become an overwhelming race to gather information, sort through masses of paperwork, websites and glossy brochures. We do not function as your agent and offer no guarantees as to admissions, scholarships and being recruited. Rather offer you a common sense and time proven approach to selecting the right college as a student-athlete.

    Choosing the right college is an exciting journey but is often done without proper direction. Everything you have accomplished as a student-athlete needs to be shared in the proper way. This needs to be done with precise communications and outreach so that schools and coaches appreciate.

    We want to help you avoid the mistakes that way too often come with this process. Our hands on approach of building a relationship with you and your family will allow you to approach this process with clarity and confidence. Utilizing our experience of knowing what schools are looking for, how to present yourself and creating the right pool of schools for you will be done with care. You will be tapping into 20+ years of experience of knowing what colleges and coaches are looking for in their recruiting strategies.

    Four Criteria for College:             
    • Academic
    • Social
    • Athletic
    • Achievement

    College coaches are under more pressure than ever to not only win but to have people on their teams who will represent the school with distinction. they want winners on and off the field. Kevin O'Brien's unique background of coaching at every level of college (Division I, II and III) over 20 years and having lived the recruiting process will be utilized in helping to put you in the most favorable light.

    We will help to ease your mind and give you the confidence in formulating a solid game plan. Let BSA Mentoring maximize your recuiting potential and find the correct academic and athletic fit!

    We assist aspiring student-athletes by being there every step of the way. Our unbiased approach to your unique talents, circumstances and desires require personal attention. We are ready to provide this to you and then some. Finding the correct options for you will be done with the utmost care.

    Did you know?

    30% of college freshman transfer after their first year? 
    We want to help you avoid this by getting it right the first time!