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    To Serve and Mentor you

    Is to serve aspiring student-athletes in making the most educated and practical decision possible for their college years. Our goal is to guide and inform student-athletes and their families to allow them to engage in this critical process with clarity, efficiency and confidence. We want to be there through the entire process to make sure your decision is based on all aspects you deem important to your success and happiness.

    To mentor you every step of the way during the college selection process. We want you to have a sense of confidence that will put your mind at ease knowing you did this the right way.

    Our goal is to create a relationship with you and your family that is based on trust and understanding. We will work with you closely to develop a keen understanding and create a game plan for your appropriate college selection. By building your confidence in doing this thoroughly the right choice can happen. The right choice will happen if this process is done with the confidence knowing that you have been well prepared for your search. This is a big decision. We want to help you get it right.

    Build the Student-Athletes Confidence and Independence through the process.
In college, we learn to take tests and write papers. It also about discovering how to think critically and analytically. Developing life skills and learning to live independently should be at the forefront. Even the process of finding a college builds important, lifelong skills in taking initiative and making decisions. Through the process, student-athletes will gain a great deal of understanding, which translate into confidence, self awareness and independence.


    Walk together through the college selection process, with an educational prospective. 

    With proper mentoring and support, all students can find a college where they will be successful. Once students and their families replace the quest for "the best college" with one focusing on "the best fit," the level of tension can be reduced significantly. Boston Sports Academy College Mentoring takes you through a sequence of steps that leads to solid, suitable college choices, making this a journey to enjoy and remember.

    "When we assess talent acquisition, we factor in all variables relative to a player's performance -- tools, character, personality and medical risk are among the main areas of evaluation"
    - Mark Shapiro Cleveland Indians